1. If I don’t wake up tomorrow…. Thank you.

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but you’re not here..


    but you’re not here..

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  4. One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that your presence and absence both mean something to someone.
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    I miss mattering.

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  5. Everything I ever do has no affect anywhere. I’m just useless. I’m just in everyone’s way of happiness.

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everything personal


    everything personal

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  7. Hahahaha good one.

    Hahahaha good one.

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  8. Why am I loosing everything and I’m the only one who ever cares.

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  9. Why did I even look I’m so stupid… What’s wrong with me…

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  10. Anonymous said: Idk if someone's asked you already but what's your input on furgeson? Because idk I think of you as a pretty intelligent guy as far as I've seen on here and I wanted to know you're input.


    Thanks first off. And i may lose followers for this but as far as this Ferguson situation goes, plain & simple, its madness. I feel like its helping to show (yet again) America’s true colors when it comes to race & how it effects POC in society. Theres a lot of information (and misinformation i might add) that is being thrown around about what really happened & what transpired that fateful day but the truth of the matter is this, an unarmed black man was fatally shot by a white cop & theres no driving factor that you can conclude to me that he shouldve been straight up killed in the situation. Self defense? Yea, whatever. Even in self defense cases theres a line that is drawn where it is no longer self defense anymore but excessive force & you cannot tell me that Mike Brown, that is unarmed, put him in so much danger that he had to shoot him not once, but TWICE in the head. He couldnt have tased him? What about those good ‘ol rubber bullets they loved to use on the protesters? He aint have NOTHING else but a gun to use at his disposal?? Yea, okay. Smh…. I could go on but thats pretty much the gist of what i think. And yes, i VERY much think race played a factor in this no matter how much people wanna say it didnt or “society doesnt see color” blah blah, my ass it doesnt. Just look at how hes being portrayed in the media. Hes being shitted on as if he DESERVED to die & all over some notion that he stole a pack of cigars?? Really?! Naw B, fuck that. It was proven that he paid for them but even if he DID steal em, he gotta die by two shots to the head?? No. Thats that racism thats so ingrained in our society being played out right before our eyes…..

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